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Why You May Want To Rent A Home When Away At College

When you are going away to college, you want to make the best decision when it comes to your living arrangements. Some students make the choice to stay in the dorms and others decide to rent a home. This article can help you to compare the differences between living in the dorms, and renting a home, and may help you see the advantages renting a home has over dorm living.

Things to know about dorm living

Close proximity to classes can be great: One of the appealing things for some students about dorm living is they will be within such close proximity to their classes, which is convenient. However, some find that having that few extra minutes to sleep in isn't worth some downfalls of dorm living after a while. 

There are more rules than you may like: When you move out on your own to go to college, you may imagine having newfound freedom. However, when you choose to stay in the dorms, there isn't really as much freedom as you may have thought. You will have to follow many rules such as following a curfew, having visitor restrictions, and more. 

Dorms can be loud: When you go off to college, you will have plenty of homework to do. When you stay in the dorms, you will likely find that they can get quite loud. This can be an especially big problem when you have a test coming up that you are really trying to study hard for. However, there may also be times when you have less of a workload and want to join in a bit and have some rowdy fun of your own. 

Things to know about renting a home

You have plenty of space: When you rent a home, you have plenty of space, and you have plenty of things you wouldn't in a dorm. Some examples include a kitchen, your own private bathroom, and laundry accommodations. 

You will have all the privacy you want: You can rent a modest home for yourself when you go off to college. Or, you can rent a home with roommates. However, even if you rent a home with roommates, you will still have more privacy than you would if you were to stay in the dorms. 

You can bring your things with you: When in the dorms, the number of items you can bring with you will be significantly limited. However, when you rent a home, you can bring all your own things you want to have with you, including your furniture.

For more information on homes for rent, contact a real estate agent in your area.