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Tools Used In Professional Real Estate Photography

When trying to sell your house, you probably want to catch the attention of prospective buyers as soon as possible. The right photographs can entice a buyer to take a closer look at your home. Thus, real estate agents regularly post photographs of the properties that they list.

Even though the regular presentation of property photographs is common, the quality of the photographs can vary widely. Using a professional real estate photographer to photograph a listing can help ensure that buyers see the property in the best possible light.

Here are a few tools that professional photographers use when photographing real estate.

A Professional Camera

Many people think that it is fine to simply take pictures of a property using a cell phone. However, most cell phones do not include all of the features of a professional camera and they can restrict the photographer's control over the final results. As a result, when photographing a property, it is best to have a professional camera that offers a wide range of manual options.

A Wide-Angle Lens

When shooting a property, be prepared for tight spaces. Even if a space is not particularly large, a photograph, when taken with the right lens, can help it appear more spacious.

Wide-angle lenses are often used to help small spaces appear larger. Still, some photographers prefer to use a tilt-shift lens instead because it does not incur as much distortion as many wide-angle lenses do.

A Tripod

Sometimes, while capturing the images of a property, the use of long exposures can be helpful. However, the longer the time associated with the exposure, the greater the likelihood of blur if the camera moves. To stabilize the camera, it is best to seat it on a quality tripod.

In addition to the added stabilization, the tripod can also help the pictures look more uniform. The height setting of the device can be set for the same level for each picture taken. Thus, the view presented in the images can appear comparable to the line of sight of a person of average height.

Light Filters

The naked flash of a camera can sometimes produce harsh results when photographing real estate. Some photographers angle the flash towards the ceiling to help the light appear less harsh. However, by using a light filter, the photographer can maintain better control over the image results.

To have your property professionally photographed, schedule a consultation with a real estate photography company in your local area.