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Many people say they don't really feel like an adult until they buy their first home. It is a huge step. Rather than letting a landlord make all important repairs, you take on this responsibility yourself. You also get to build equity in the home over time, which can be a rather smart investment. At the same time, buying your first home can be a little intimidating. You may have questions about applying for a mortgage, setting a budget, and shopping efficiently. We hope to answer those questions with our helpful content. Your real estate agent is a good source of information, and so is this blog.


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Tips For Attending An Open House During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed countless parts of day-to-day life, including the real estate business. While some people have elected to hold off buying or selling until the pandemic is over, others are keen to buy new homes for many different reasons. Whether you need to move or you're keen on picking up another house as an investment, attending some open houses for homes for sale will be on your agenda. It's important to remember that you'll need to take a different approach to attending each open house than you've done in the past. Here are some tips for going to open houses while COVID-19 is still a concern.

Enter At The Right Time

Some open houses are busier than others, so it's always a good idea to be mindful of the turnout when you arrive. If you park your car on the street and notice a few other prospective buyers walking up the driveway, don't be in a hurry to join them. In the past, you might've tried to rush into the house to assess it before the other people, but close contact with strangers is a bad idea today. Instead, you can decide to walk around the yard for a few minutes, which will allow the people to enter the residence and move beyond the front hallway. This will ideally mean that by the time you enter, the front hallway will be empty.

Avoid Touching Things

A lot of people take a hands-on approach during open houses. For example, some individuals open closets, cupboards, drawers, and more. While there are some advantages of assessing a home in this manner, trying to avoid excessive touching is the best idea during the COVID-19 pandemic. By keeping your hands in your pockets for as much of the experience as possible, you'll increase your likelihood of staying safe.

Use Protective Gear

You can't go wrong with ensuring that you have proper protective gear when you enter the open house. At minimum, it's conscientious to wear a mask. Doing so will prevent you from exchanging germs with others, including the real estate agent who is hosting the event and other people you might encounter. Wearing gloves or carrying hand sanitizer and cleaning your hands frequently is also advisable. Attending an open house during the pandemic can be an enjoyable way to get out of your daily routine, and you'll stay safe by keeping the above tips in mind.