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Many people say they don't really feel like an adult until they buy their first home. It is a huge step. Rather than letting a landlord make all important repairs, you take on this responsibility yourself. You also get to build equity in the home over time, which can be a rather smart investment. At the same time, buying your first home can be a little intimidating. You may have questions about applying for a mortgage, setting a budget, and shopping efficiently. We hope to answer those questions with our helpful content. Your real estate agent is a good source of information, and so is this blog.


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5 Of The Most Beneficial Features Of A Ranch Property For Sale

If you have set out to own your own operational ranch, sifting through the many ranch property listings for sale can really take some work. From massive ranches with hundreds of acres to more conservative ranches with a relatively small number of acres, you can find properties that fit just about any rancher's ideas for a future operation. However, there are certain property attributes that can make any ranch more valuable for the purpose, and finding these features incorporated tends to mean you have found some of the best investments. Here are five of the most beneficial features of a ranch property for sale. 

Conservation Easements Available for the Property 

Conservation easements are always a good find on a ranch property. You can use these easements to save money on property taxes if you are willing to set aside a portion of the land for conservative efforts. For example, you could reserve a 100-acre plot on a 300-acre ranch for conservation by agreeing to not use or contaminate it, and doing so could potentially mean you get certain perks. You may not have to pay as much on property taxes and may even see tax breaks.   

Existing Structures on the Property 

Of course, existing ranch property structures are a big thing to consider as you assess different properties. If you plan to live on the ranch, a house is a big thing to consider. However, beyond the house, you should be looking at barns, feed storage bins, and other structures you can use for ranching purposes. 

Natural Barriers Surrounding the Property

Natural property barriers on a ranch are always a good thing. Mountains, streams, and other barriers are going to give you perimeter protection without you having to make big investments in fencing and other barriers. Therefore, you can get more use out of the full property for grazing and animal herding without it requiring a big investment. 

Proximity to Local Attractions and Amenities 

As a rancher, you may not necessarily care if there is a ski resort a few miles up the road or an upscale golf course in the same city, but these are always something to consider while you shop. Why? These attractions and amenities can drive up the value of the ranch by leaps and bounds. If you ever run into a tough financial spot and need to divide the ranch and sell a few land tracts, you could easily get enough to sustain you.