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Many people say they don't really feel like an adult until they buy their first home. It is a huge step. Rather than letting a landlord make all important repairs, you take on this responsibility yourself. You also get to build equity in the home over time, which can be a rather smart investment. At the same time, buying your first home can be a little intimidating. You may have questions about applying for a mortgage, setting a budget, and shopping efficiently. We hope to answer those questions with our helpful content. Your real estate agent is a good source of information, and so is this blog.


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Why Your Agent Might Suggest Having Two Types Of Open Houses When Selling

Open houses are popular with properties that people are trying to sell, but there are two different types of open houses. The first type is for agents only, and this is a less prevalent type. The other kind is for buyers, and this is the more popular type. Here are several things to know about both if your real estate agent suggests having them. 

A Description of an Agent Open House

Agent open houses do not take place often, yet there are times when they can be highly beneficial. An agent open house is one that your agent organizes and manages. Your agent will work with you to set a date for it, and you should not be there during it. The agent will invite other agents to the event. There may be agents from the same office as your agent, but there might be agents from other offices too.

The purpose of an agent open house is to allow other real estate agents to see what your home offers. By providing this opportunity, other real estate agents may encourage their clients to view and consider your home as they shop for properties to purchase.

There are times when agents will only host these open houses when they cannot seem to sell the homes. For example, if you listed your home three months ago and still do not have a buyer, your agent might want to do something to push the sale of the house. Hosting an agent open house might do the trick.

A Description of a Buyer Open House

Most people understand what a buyer open house is, yet many homeowners do not use these. A buyer open house is an event where potential buyers are invited to your home to see it. People can visit the home during the hours of the event, and they can come with or without their agents. The goal is to open up your home to the public in hopes that someone will decide to put in an offer on the property.

Each type of open house serves a different, yet essential, purpose when selling a property. If you would like to have both, talk to your agent. Your agent will arrange the open houses for you and will manage the events on your behalf. Having an open house of any kind may help you sell your home faster, so talk to your agent today about hosting one.